Synesthete [of Land]

Can a horizon line have a sound?

Synesthete [of Land] is an experiment in sonification that explores new ways of experiencing place by converting landscapes into soundscapes.

Underpinned by principals of intermodal perception (perception of information from an object available to multiple senses simultaneously) and synesthesia (production of a sense impression relating to one sense by stimulation of another sense), the work uses constructed landscapes—photographic collages of horizons—from which one long (horizon) line is extracted. When these lines are applied to a music scale, a corresponding ‘soundscape’ is revealed. Together, the combined audio/visual experience acts as a new interpretation of place. 


Synesthete [of Land] sonification - proof of concept

Synesthete [of Land]: Impossible Horizon #2: Landscape & Soundscape

Synesthete [of Land]: Impossible Horizon #2: Landscape & Soundscape