Murmurations is a series of ‘collective self-portraits’: abstract visualizations inspired by flocking1 patterns found in nature.

Predominantly comprised of selfies, Murmurations explores the large-scale patterns that emerge in society despite an emphasis on individual autonomy.

Each visualization is a composite of thousands of found images taken by different people from two different 'pop-up experiences': The Color Factory (San Francisco) and The Museum of Ice Cream (Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco). Each image was publicly posted on Instagram; so far, over 70,000 images have been used for this project.

The forced grouping of these images highlights their extreme similarities, supporting the idea that human populations will always spark conformity, no matter how individualistic each unique member imagines themselves. Trying to be unique creates patterns of likeness, and observing these patterns may offer new ways of understanding ourselves.

1: Flocking / fläk-iNG - The collective motion of a large number of self-propelled entities, arising from simple actions followed by individuals without any central coordination.


Murmurations I: The Color Factory, San Francisco, 2017-2018 (detail)

Murmurations II: The Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, 2017-2018 (detail)